Are you a woman working From home....

Are You feeling; Overwhelmed, frustrated, tired or stuck?

Maybe you’re emotionally drained and just feel stressed all the time.

You dream of achieving a work life balance, have more energy and time?

You want to Feel CALM in CONTROL with total CLARITY?

Lets talk!

I  will hold a safe space for you to talk, be heard and understood. I will give you the tools, strategies  to move forward. I will help you reprogram old ways and make way for the new to enter your life. So you have more time, consistent energy and balance.

Book a free 20 minute discovery call with me to find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Mindset Coach
Energy practitioner & Trainer of The Balance Procedure.
Meditation teacher.
Professional Hypnotherapist.
Law of attraction.
Public speaker.

What my clients say:

I never felt so low, I’d never been to hypnotherapy or coaching before and I was apprehensive. The first meeting with Toni I felt so relaxed, She is so natural.When I left after that first session I was looking forward to the next. I was looking forward to feeling human again and getting back to my creative hobbies, getting my appetite back and feeling good. That’s exactly what she did in just 6 weeks.

It wasn’t just hypnosis Toni used a number of tools to help me through each week. I now feel I have the tools that I continue to use when ever I feel the need.

Caroline, Holt


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