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Signature 6 week Transformation program


ACCREDITED Balance Procedure Virtual live workshop – includes a copy of The Balance Procedure  EBook, Symbol cards and Complete Guide We create our reality through thought and Imagination – BALANCE is the KEY. The virtual live workshop HELD ONLINE VIA in a group setting. 1:1 can be arranged please ask for details.

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique designed to fit in with your lifestyle as you are able to access it simply and easily and use it to guide you to a life in Balance.  Being calm, relaxed and stress free is something we all need and this state can be achieved instantly when you use this technique, we call this being in Balance. The Balance Procedure brings together a wealth of therapies and ideas, It is a non verbal, powerful relaxation process that uses 9 universal energy symbols.  something you learn to do for yourself and hopefully when you start to feel balanced and in harmony with all aspects of your life you will want to share it with your family and friends.

This introduction workshop is fun, exciting and life-changing. It is is designed for those who would like to know more about being in Balance in all aspects of your life, it is open to all who are willing to learn a new skill.

You will be able to identify personal triggers that throw you off BALANCE:
Understand the true power of thoughts and imagination:
Understand the power of emotions and why we have them:
Connect your experiences with Law of Attraction to create your day:
Activate the Language of the Universe with TBP symbol cards:
Understand the energy of each card which represents a geometric symbol, affirmation, colour, number, zodiac, gemstone, element, planet, chakra, and physical aspect and when all is in BALANCE you have the key to the unconscious mind.

Investment of £150

Practitioner Training Workshop

This accredited training is designed for anyone who wants to further their knowledge of the Balance Procedure or to use  with clients on a professional basis. You will receive CPD points. The Practitioner Training provides an interactive and informal structure, you will receive thorough instruction including plenty of hands on practical assessment and support throughout.

By learning, understanding and developing your knowledge of the Balance Procedure you are creating a better future of yourself and others.

By becoming an Energy Practitioner of the Balance Procedure, you have the ability to increase your income in several different ways:

1) Delivering the Energy Alignment (Balancing) Session – £150 per person

2) Delivering the Balance Procedure Workshop – £150 per person (new for 2022.)

3) By buying the Balance Procedure Books and Cards at a wholesale price and selling them to make a profit.

4) Incorporating the Balance Procedure into your current programmes.

The course is set over 2 x 2 hours and covers a range of topics.

1) Refreshing your knowledge of the Balance Procedure to gain confidence and success

2) Learning how to deliver a successful Balance Procedure client session

3) Building your knowledge on how to build a client base for your business with using the Balance Procedure

4) Delivery of the Balance Procedure Workshop and overcoming any limiting beliefs linked to teaching and learning which could block your success.

The assessment to become a Practitioner is as follows:

1) Theory assessment – 20 question multiple choice (30 mins)

2) Physical assessment based on how the symbols relate to the anatomy and physiology systems in the body (30 mins)

3) Four case studies based on one hour with each client and one hour for writing up your reflections/notes (8 hours total)

4) Delivery of a Balance Procedure Workshop (2 x 2 hours) with at least one participant. Write up your reflections ready for a conversation with Jenny Cox.

5) 1-1 chat with Jenny Cox to assess your delivery of the Balance Procedure Workshop and to answer any outstanding questions.

Investment for the course is £650 including certification. Payment plan available

On completion of this training and with your new increased skills and knowledge you will be able to practice and teach the very next day..

There are two sessions to complete virtual Practitioner training:-

Session 1 2 hours online

One week apart.
Session 2 2 hours online

For further information 

PRE-REQUISITE: The Balance Procedure Attendance Certificate.
Practitioners certification and practitioners pack is included in the price.

Transformational 6 week program

Feel you have something specific you need to work though, a habit, a fear, blocks holding you back.

You are serious and ready to make the changes.

What ever it is I will design a transformative program just for you. Over six weeks of 1.5 hours a week of coaching, mindset training, The balance procedure & hypnosis. This is a powerful and fun way to deep dive and see what’s going on in your subconscious so you can move forward feeling happy, confident and with so much clarity. Sleeping better, Empowering you to make those changes needed to move forward. Each week you will learn what your triggers are and how to balance them.

This Course includes TBP introduction, the guidance book and cards. Also an Ebook.

6 x hypnosis sessions

Support via text in between sessions.

Specifically written guided meditations and hypnosis for you personally.

Playbook journal to help you on your journey.

One:one service at times to suit you. Can be held online via Zoom

Apply for this course of treatment you can get in touch we will begin with a 20 minute confidential chat. No obligation to continue.

If you are ready to take it to the next stage I will invite to for an initial consultation, this is complementary. To make sure we are a good fit for each other.

After the initial consultation I will write a plan and we can let the transformation unfold.

All you need is to be ready is commitment, open mindedness and serious about making the changes need to move forward.

Investment of £599 for full program.

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