Work with me!

You can book a free 20/30 minute discovery call and we can connect via zoom.

 Lets find out if we are a good fit. This confidential call will give a chance to get to know each other, I look forward to getting to know you and virtually connecting. This your opportunity to share whats happening and we can see where to go from there.

You may want to dive straight in and book a Introductory consultation call because you feel ready to start making the changes and are considering my style of coaching. Then book your self a 1.5 hour session. In this you will get a feel for how  I work and experience a real live session, which you will benefit from this session alone will reave you feeling refreshed and replenished. A chance for me to get an understanding of where you are at. I spend a little bit of time explaining how our minds work, with the subconscious and conscious and how that might be affecting you at the moment. you will then have a short taster of what hypnosis feels like and we can go from there, I can explain what package will suit you, and then write a special program dedicated just for you if you wish to continue.

All the sessions I have are with Zoom. So we have a face to face, virtual interaction and this works great in the current world we live in.

Please make sure you reserve a good time with no distractions so we can dive deep and you can thoroughly enjoy each session. 


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