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Past 8 Months: my healing journey! Body-mind-spirit


Meningitis hit me April 2015. A crazy viral attack on the whole body, anyone who has had a viral infection similar or the same will know this is life changing! Before April 2015 I was a very busy, buzzing Mum, business owner and entrepreneur. Exercising daily and regularly going to my local 5km park run. I didn’t realise that my recovery was going to take a long time, possibly a year or longer. I’ve worked though loss, bereavement of my old self….. I’ve spent weeks working on the frustration of not being able to do simple things like go for a long walk. Things like this bring much pain and fatigue to me.

In this time I have learned to rest and choose my pleasures carefully and rest before and after major events.

What helped me?

I changed my diet an I eat more healthy nutritious food, I was a healthy eater but not consistent. Now I look at food as fuel and I choose to eat and drink what is good to build my immune system and aid my energy levels. I drink mainly bottled water now and not much of anything else. Herbal tea and one of ‘builders’ tea (ordinary tea with milk) per day.

I meditated morning and night. I found some very interesting guided healing meditations on  YouTube by this guy Jason Stephenson. He has a great selection and puts new ones on almost daily. He’s such a great guy I encourage you to check out his channel and Facebook page.

I went to have reflexology weekly. This was really great.. I’ve recently stopped and I know I should go back as my recovery was more constant while I was going. My reflexologies worked on the meridian lines. I swear by reflexology it really works for me.

I didn’t take the prescription drugs I went down the homeopathic / holistic route. I took immune building supplements, drank aloe Vera drinking gel which has MSM, Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate in which helped with the pain and took the edge off.

Rest… Yes I rested a lot. I have my fiancé Dan to thank for stepping in and doing the school runs, working my business and his own. I’m so grateful to my lovely family who has given me the time to rest. I’m still resting; I take each day as it comes.

I have become more spiritually aware and it’s amazing how the mind works. You really can heal yourself. I have been on an amazing spiritual journey over the last 6 months. I daily use affirmations, meditate, and read lots of inspiring books. I have recently discovered Ralph Smart; Infinite Waters is the name he goes by. I discovered him a couple of months ago and I have to tune in to his daily YouTube videos. Very inspirational person, I encourage you to have a look at what he shares, for me it’s amazing.  Here is one of his recent videos take a look. It might me of intent it might not I know the cat down the road likes it. Diving deep once again PEACE!

I have read so many books I can begin to tell where I started but I will share all the books soon.

My current book is by Louise Hay it is called ‘you can heal your life’. It would be amazing to one day run a workshop and help other people heal their lives with what she has taught me. She also has meditations and affirmations, which help with the healing process.

What else? Well I’ve remained positive and happy, even on the tough days. I have done my fair share of crying but laughing for me is the best medicine.

Infinite waters, Ralph Smart or his blog

Jason Stephenson

Louise Hay

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