What is Hypnosis? How can it help you?

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, it is a completely natural state of mind, you can experience it while ready a book, watching a film or day dreaming.

Hypnosis only works if you are motivated to make the changes.

When you are in a deep state of relaxation the hypnotherapist can unlock the key to the subconscious and by using positive suggestions to reprogram the mind to make changes for your highest good. You can transform limiting beliefs, habits and eliminate unwanted thoughts.

Is it possible to hypnotise someone against their will? No you have to want the hypnosis for it to work.

Can you get stuck in hypnotic state? No you are in full control at all times.

Are harmful side effects? No its a natural state and safe.

More information on the NHS website about Hypnosis.

What can hypnosis help with ?

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence & self esteem
  • Fears & phobias
  • Overthinking
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Exam nerve – driving tests
  • Pain
  • Addictions
  • Habbits
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
  • Grief

Smoking Cessation

£460 for uptown 6 sessions.

Transformational Mindset balance course

Work though any of the above listed and I will facilitate the space for you to be heard and understood. Write you a unique plan and include all my modalities. To work towards a transformational journey. This can be done over the phone, via online video and in person. Book a free 20 minute call to see if we are a good fit for each other.

6 session £405

Case Studies

Case Study A

Linda came to me full of anxiety and fear. The stresses of life became too much, she had lost her appetite and her creative flow was blocked. I held the space for her to talk.

It was a brave decision Linda made to come to ask for help. She was shaking, nervous and full of anxiety.

After the first session she seems more relaxed and calm.

she had lost her appetite and creative flow.

she thought she would never get it back.

By week 5 Linda was laughing and joking in the waiting room. She was back to herself again. glowing confident and ready to continue on empowered with the tools she had learned. she said ‘Im so grateful asked for help and will always carry her tools with her.” She presented me with her creation she had made. Her creative flow returned….this was a magical moment Ill never forget.

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Case Study B

Jane had a habit of drinking to cope with stress at the end of the day when her children came home from school. She knew it wasn’t healthy and was ready to make a change.

I listened to what the triggers were and wrote a hypnosis script to reprogram these habits in Janes mind. Implementing new ideas and habits which were healthy and safe. Jane improved weekly. she had the odd blip but together we ironed out the creases. worked honestly and openly each week. A mixture of hypnosis, self hypnosis and TBP. The transformation happened and by week six Jane was going about her day with out drinking, calmer, confident and enjoyed quality time with her children again, she’s now able to create healthy memories, she positively glowing and friends have asked her what’s changed as they noticed a significant difference in her.

Jane took that first step towards change, taking responsibility for what she wanted to change.


Toni has been instrumental in my journey, I have changed my perspective in so many positive ways, she has been there for me to make the changes. She truly makes you feel empowered to power on forward with confidence. Sharing tools and techniques to mange the stress of everyday life.


I came to Toni a complete mess, tearful, fuzzy head, out of sorts. I knew I had been mentally abused but did know how I would get me back again. Week by week I found myself living again. I found me again, the tools and techniques she has shared will be with me for life. I now feel like I can get though anything, I feel stronger and in control. Im still learning to love myself….I like me a whole lot more…Like Toni says ‘life is meant to be fun’ I feel happy again.


Let’s build something great together.