Happy new year!

This year has been a year of much learning and understanding, so many challenges for all, an emotional rollercoaster at times. So much division in opinions and beliefs. I have learned so much that I am grateful for. Deep down I found my resilience I hope you found yours. I have made new friends and soul family, despite the conditions, I have had fun and enjoyed the precious moments, built long lasting memories, found gratitude in my surroundings, re connected with nature. Enjoyed making memories. Got clarity of what I want, where I want, with who I want. This year my tribe grew, closer, stronger, more resilient, tighter, deeper connected. This year we put Love over Fear and may we continue to do so over the next year. 2021 May we all unite and dissolve our differences. May we all learn together, continue to support one another. May we have deep compassion for every living thing, may we have gratitude for all that we have. May we all be blessed with an abundance of health and well being.Thank you for being there with me, much love to you all. Big love Toni xxxx