Forgiveness has been a major part of my journey, it enabled be to clear out hurt and pain that I was holding on to and make space for new to enter my life. Holding on to pain blocks the energy flow in your body, when you begin to forgive you will feel a shift in your energy, a release allowing you to move forward. If you hold on to the pain it will only cause dis-ease in the body. Holding on to it can make you feel heavy and tired, when you do this work and feel that senes of lightness and ease, in turn this gives you a surge of energy to move forward.

How to forgive:

Forgiveness happens with in, forgiveness is a process first start by thinking about who has hurt you, who has caused you pain, there might be circumstances not people, you may want to forgive your self. So you can forgive a person, an event, a broken relationship, a lost dream things not turning out the way you expected them to. Self forgiveness is a great start. 

I found writing a letter to the person, a letter you don’t need to post, I write down what it is they have done to cause me pain or hurt then I thank them for what they did then write how much I forgive them. Just doing this without even sending it is powerful stuff. Then you can find more things in your life to for give and allow it all to poor out, by writing it down it allows you to process and let go. People don’t need to know that you have forgiven them for this to me effective. Also its a good thing to know you don’t have to forget because the key here is the forgiveness part.

If it feels good you can shred the written forgiveness letters of burn them and let them go.

I often revisit forgiveness, I have found this to be a very powerful exercise to do every so often. We can spend so much of our precious energy being mad or angry at situations, events, and people so by visiting this regularly its easier and sometimes you can just whisper it to yourself during meditation or before you go to sleep at night.

Have you done a forgiveness letter or a forgiveness journal. Why not share your experience in the comments, did it help? did it shift your energy? Have you felt the release? What happened for you? Did anything surprise you? Please comment and share this if you have got some value from this and you know someone who might need to see this too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this I appreciate you being here, big love and blessings. Toni x

I am her to support you when you most need it. Please get in touch and reach out when you need to.

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WHAT DO I actually DO?……

5 YEARS AGO…..but still the same story today….except I have more experience and have worked though a lot more challenges ……now I’m a full qualified Hypnotherapist and combine all my techniques together to help and empower you into a transformational journey…..feeling passionate about what I do……much love xx


I AM BACK!!!I can’t believe it…! found this blog…….I forgot I had written…….WHY? read on…..

So yesterday I was signing in to (what I thought was)my now website blog and accidentally put in the wrong email address and found this blog.

It’s 7 years old. I wrote it while on my wellness journey. It’s in the very early stages of me me getting back to full wellness from viral meningitis and chronic fatigue.

Part of the illness was memory loss and brain fog. So that’s why I forgot this was here. Incredible really!!!

Looking back at my writing and strength I’m feeling proud and smiling to my self because I was no where near recovered but I believed I was. This shows us the power of our thoughts. I still stick by those things I said back then as if it was in this now moment. I really do practice what I preach.

Looking back at this reminds me of how each and every stage of your life is a significant one. We can connect the dots and see how we got to where we have come to today. Everyday is a learning experience.

This really was life changing experience which lead me to my life purpose where I am now. Empowering others to do what I did and get on a transformational journey. Back then I had lost my business and had to quit my part time degree I really didn’t know what I was going to do. Now I have gained so much more but at that time it didn’t feel that way. I felt lost and unsure of the future.

Finding this blog a re-establishing it again feels good. I’m going to migrate my posts from my later blog and continue with this like a journal and self development in the hope it inspires others to continue to move forward and find the tools to empower them to do so, as I have done myself.

I’m back!!! To full strength, energetically there on all levels still learning how to navigate my way through life but with a set of tools which empowers me to continue on. I have more energy now then ever before and I have really learned the art of self love and acceptance.

I will write some more posts to catch you up, with tools that have significantly helped me in my journey and continue to to in this present moment.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment.

Love, peace, health and happiness!!!TONI xx

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I Made it through….my life has completely changed..I am healed in more ways than one. My journey to wellness

Hello Its been a long time since I have written a blog post. Well I have been very busy getting better. Yes 100% recovered. I have got through to the other side and what journey it has been. I have found many ways of self healing and self care the natural way. Gentle fun exercise and  better than that eating my way to health. My life has completely changed post illness and the year it took me to recovery was both frustrating and guilt ridden. I’ve managed to work through my mind set and change my vocabulary which has had an amazing impact on my life. GOOD bye chronic post viral fatigue. Seriously I could never imagine all this was going to happen to me. Having such a disablement for a period of time really gives you no choice but to look at life it a complete different way. The strategies I developed during the illness to combat my chronic fatigue has lead me to a new found career in helping women & men to get through these major transitions in life, wether it be a life changing illness or loss of a loved one or a long term career.  I know what worked for me and sharing that with you empowers both of us to be able to make the changes to move forward and live happy fulfilled lives. You really can get through it and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will share over the next weeks some of the strategies and ways I got through. If I can help one person do the same that would be amazing.

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Children can teach us so much.

luannas message

My 10 year old daughter made this for me today. Its amazing what children pick up and learn. These are very wise words for a young lady. I just had to share because the words are so true. It really goes well with the glass of water theory on one of my other posts. Letting go of past pain is difficult at times. So true that and crossing monkey bars for a child is quite a challenge. We have a new generation growing we are responsible for the thoughts that they think but we can learn a lot from them too. Together we can make a difference.


So far I have been to 2 Wu Tao dance classes run by my friend Michelle Bradley who recently qualified as a Wu Tao dance teacher/therapist.

Its early days yet to see any benefits but I can’t wait to see the benefits in my recovery of post viral fatigue. This gentle dance works on the  Chinese meridian lines in the body and is said to release blocked energy and put you on a path of well being. Blocked energy can be caused by suppressed emotions. Long term feelings of worry or when we become anxious this gets stored in our bodies and causes energy blocks and can cause illnesses to surface. When we are healthy, balanced physically, mentally and emotionally your energy flows through the meridian lines smoothly creating and promoting well being.

The dance is based on the 5 Chinese elements. One dance for each. I believe anyone could have a go at this, its very gentle and relaxing. I for one have not done much physical exercise and with ten moths of taking it easy, I’m quite stiff and my flexibility is at 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.

I love the walking meditation, the first time I did it a realised just how out of touch I was with my own body. It was strange walking and focusing on each movement and feeling and noticing how I walked and moved. I’ve done lost of head work but this is a journey of mind, body and spirit. The second time I felt more connected which was a great feeling.

There are two more meditations one sitting and one lying down both very relaxing.

Wu Tao Dance is founded by Michelle Lock On Michelle’s blog  she explains that she is inspired by the love of dance and her belief in Taoism. Have look at her blog there is a lovely heart filled video all about her journey.

Taoism link; Here is a video all about Taoism 


This is taken from her blog

Wu Tao – the ‘tai chi dance’

Wu Tao is a unique fusion of music, meditation and dance therapy training. It combines the healing power of music, the calming and rejuvenating power of meditation and the strengthening, energising power of dance in a single modality that is now practiced by thousands of people across Australia and around the world. Wu Tao is the best dance therapy course for those with restricted movement or different abilities, as the dances are simple, easy to follow and can be adapted to your individual needs. They are focused more on smooth, flowing movements and bodily control than visually striking movements; though full of grace and energy, Wu Tao dances won’t see you leaping around and putting stress on muscles and joints. You can find out more about the dance itself here. We invite you to find your closest instructor or Wu Tao event and experience the benefits for yourself.

I will be back to tell you about my progress as the weeks go by, if you found this blog post interesting please share and feel free to comment.

I have not been endorsed by any of the above and the links are there for extra information purposes for you to dive deeper. Many thanks for reading.

Love, peace, health and happiness……..keep smiling!!!!










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Wu Tao Dance my way to Health

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Past 8 Months: my healing journey! Body-mind-spirit


Meningitis hit me April 2015. A crazy viral attack on the whole body, anyone who has had a viral infection similar or the same will know this is life changing! Before April 2015 I was a very busy, buzzing Mum, business owner and entrepreneur. Exercising daily and regularly going to my local 5km park run. I didn’t realise that my recovery was going to take a long time, possibly a year or longer. I’ve worked though loss, bereavement of my old self….. I’ve spent weeks working on the frustration of not being able to do simple things like go for a long walk. Things like this bring much pain and fatigue to me.

In this time I have learned to rest and choose my pleasures carefully and rest before and after major events.

What helped me?

I changed my diet an I eat more healthy nutritious food, I was a healthy eater but not consistent. Now I look at food as fuel and I choose to eat and drink what is good to build my immune system and aid my energy levels. I drink mainly bottled water now and not much of anything else. Herbal tea and one of ‘builders’ tea (ordinary tea with milk) per day.

I meditated morning and night. I found some very interesting guided healing meditations on  YouTube by https://youtu.be/Lz2Xhzxx6oQ this guy Jason Stephenson. He has a great selection and puts new ones on almost daily. He’s such a great guy I encourage you to check out his channel and Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/JasonStephensonMeditation/

I went to have reflexology weekly. This was really great.. I’ve recently stopped and I know I should go back as my recovery was more constant while I was going. My reflexologies worked on the meridian lines. I swear by reflexology it really works for me.

I didn’t take the prescription drugs I went down the homeopathic / holistic route. I took immune building supplements, drank aloe Vera drinking gel which has MSM, Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate in which helped with the pain and took the edge off.

Rest… Yes I rested a lot. I have my fiancé Dan to thank for stepping in and doing the school runs, working my business and his own. I’m so grateful to my lovely family who has given me the time to rest. I’m still resting; I take each day as it comes.

I have become more spiritually aware and it’s amazing how the mind works. You really can heal yourself. I have been on an amazing spiritual journey over the last 6 months. I daily use affirmations, meditate, and read lots of inspiring books. I have recently discovered Ralph Smart; Infinite Waters is the name he goes by. I discovered him a couple of months ago and I have to tune in to his daily YouTube videos. Very inspirational person, I encourage you to have a look at what he shares, for me it’s amazing.  Here is one of his recent videos https://youtu.be/NPy7GnpudKs take a look. It might me of intent it might not I know the cat down the road likes it. Diving deep once again PEACE!

I have read so many books I can begin to tell where I started but I will share all the books soon.

My current book is by Louise Hay it is called ‘you can heal your life’. It would be amazing to one day run a workshop and help other people heal their lives with what she has taught me. She also has meditations and affirmations, which help with the healing process.

What else? Well I’ve remained positive and happy, even on the tough days. I have done my fair share of crying but laughing for me is the best medicine.

Infinite waters, Ralph Smart https://youtu.be/NPy7GnpudKs or his blog http://ralphsmart.com

Jason Stephenson https://youtu.be/Lz2Xhzxx6oQ

Louise Hay http://www.hayhouse.co.uk

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How to public speak

So tonight I was asked to share my 2015 reflection and talk about my goals for 2016 on a live webinar. I have spoken before at other conferences but this was different.

Yes a little nervous but prepared. I sat down earlier today and prepared what I was going to say. I wrote out some bullet points to remind me of what order I wanted to say everything. The main thing is to speak from the heart and with passion. It’s easy once you have done it a few times. I still get nervous every time but I try to turn those feelings into ones of excitement.

So some points to consider.

1. Be prepared, write down what you want to say and highlight the important parts.

2. Turn those nervous feelings into excitement.

3. Remember if you go wrong, nobody else knows what your supposed to say.

4. Don’t forget to breathe.

5. Have fun with it, it will be the quickest 10 minutes of your life.

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It’s 2016 it’s the year to change your life…..some great new habits 

So today not just because it’s Jan 1st I’m thinking and writing down my plans, goals, affirmations, and new habits.

I have been given this ‘daily greatness journal’ it’s the best Christmas present ever. As I’ve been on this journey now for a while and what I’ve learned is that changing your life begins with you…..yes YOU! You have to start to work from with in yourself.

Here are 5 great habits to change your life.

1 . Meditate daily. Start with just 5 minutes of contemplation every morning and build on     it.

  1. Have an ‘attitude’ of ‘gratitude’. Every evening write down 5 things that you are great full for now and 5 things you’re intentionally grateful for. Don’t forget to write those in present tense. Watch more things appear to be grateful for.
  2. Forgive your past and those who have hurt you. You don’t have to do this in person, you can write a letter expressing your feelings and you don’t need to send it, writing is good enough. Let go this will really empower you. If there’s something bothering you and you can’t stop thinking about you could write that down then simply through it away. It works for me!
  3. Say personal affirmations everyday. What is an affirmation? It’s a thought or something you say out loud. It’s what you focus on all the time. Many people repeat negative affirmations all day everyday and they create more of the same. What do they say? They say things like…..”I don’t have enough time” or “there’s never enough money” change these thoughts to ” I have always enough time to achieve everything I set out to do” or ” money always comes along when I need it most” or ” I always have enough money for my outgoings and more to spare”. It feels weird at first but with much repetition it becomes a habit and you will see life changes. Try it for a week or three.
  4. Visualization. Everyday after you meditate imagine for a few minutes how you want your life to be. Feel it, smell it get excited about it and have gratitude for it as though you have it already.

These a great habits to get into on a daily basis. Try introducing a new habit everyday, then try doing them for more that 21 days in a row. Make that a goal. Why 21 days? Well it’s believed that habits are formed once done every day for this length of time. It then becomes a lifetime habit.

Love, peace, health and happiness.

Toni xx


About me 

Life is all about accepting who you are, working on your inner self, laughing a lot, trying new things, stepping out of your comfort zone. Appreciating your haves not your have-nots! Making special memories with your loved ones. Make every day special. Focusing on the good not the bad. Life’s too short!! Keep calm and drink tea!!!!!! I love photography, art, nature, food, sunshine, resting, dancing, laughing, and crying. My mission is to promote well-being, how to have a great positive mental attitude, how to change your thoughts which in turn will change your whole life.


Promote love.

Peace, health happiness, share my journey so far, share what I have learned on my way, share with anyone who want to listen to what I have learned how everything is energy and we are all the same energy interconnected. I also want to help people believe in themselves and achieve great things…..I also have so much more to learn and if you have something to teach me please share with my your findings I remain open minded to all possibilities. PEACE, LOVE, HEALTH & Happiness to you all.