Highly recommend Toni

Rated 5 out of 5
31 March 2021

I met Toni for walking and talking therapy to help with my long term anxiety which had become more problematic for me during the latest lockdown. From the start it felt so natural to talk and being outside I felt very at ease, the conversation flowed and Toni gave me the space to talk and express my feelings. Toni helped me understand my anxiety and validated my feelings, making me realise it is ok and normal to have these feelings.
The sessions ended up being perfect timing as I had things come up in my personal life around the same time. Toni really helped me to make sense of everything. I’m not sure I would have got through this difficult time so strongly and as quickly without Toni’s help. The sessions have given me the confidence that actually I can tackle anything and I am now much kinder to myself.
Toni very kindly recorded me a personal hypnosis meditation which I have been regularly listening to and so she continues to help me beyond our face to face meetings.
I would highly recommend walking and talking therapy with Toni Chapman to anyone, the recent months have been tough on us all and having a safe place to talk in this way is hugely beneficial.


Felt so relaxed on the first visit. My anxiety was through the roof.

Rated 5 out of 5
30 December 2020

I never felt so low, I’d never been to hypnotherapy or coaching before and I was apprehensive. The first meeting with Toni I felt so relaxed, She is so natural.When I left after that first session I was looking forward to the next. I was looking forward to feeling human again and getting back to my creative hobbies, getting my appetite back and feeling good. That’s exactly what she did in just 6 weeks.
It wasn’t just hypnosis Toni used a number of tools to help me through each week. I now feel I have the tools that I continue to use when ever I feel the need.