My Passion is Mindset and Energy!

about me

My Passion is MINDSET….I am very enthusiastic about how our brain works and how we can make amazing changes by changing our perception. That our imagination is our best asset, the thing is, it can be powerful stuff but it can either limit us or empower us.

I believe we are all energetic beings having a human experience called life. I know we can be, do, have, anything we desire, we do have the power to bring what we want and manifest our reality to re write the present story.

A few years back I suffered burn out and Chronic Fatigue, through trying too hard at everything. Wanting success as a mother,  a business woman, a uni student,  an athlete, a cleaner, a helper, a carer and  I wore many hats,  I was always working until late I didn’t know how to rest. Never giving time just for me, I was always last on the list of people to take care of. What a result I did I create, loosing everything, my business, health and energy not to mention my income source. This is why I do what I do, its my mission to help women like me, who like to be active and run a successful business while bringing up children. I have learned all the tools, techniques and strategies to gain balance in all areas of my life, resulting in having more time and more energy consistently every day. I still practice the techniques  every day. They empower me to create the life I desire, I want the same for you too, with out the burnout of course.

Call me a self help GEEK if you like…I love learning and understanding. Everyday is a school day. I’m always reading and researching how our thoughts create our reality. I’ve been so fortunate to have some amazing mentors to guide me through my wellness journey.  I have learned many coaching modalities and gained certification which enables me to offer a holistic service with my clients and return we get transformational results.

I’m dedicated to help other female entrepreneurs to create the success they desire, to be the best version of themselves so they can live their best life and make a positive impact to the world. For many years I have studied personal development, in this time I learned  a lot about myself . My life has not been plain sailing. I have just learned tools and knowhow to get better at riding the waves, some big, some small and some calm. which brings me to where I am today. I feel grateful for all the experiences and challenges I have had, it really helps me to help other women from a place of compassion and integrity. I have seen my clients go from completely stuck to flying high, its a beautiful thing to be able to facilitate that space for change and transformation.

When you become balanced your business does too so its a win win situation.