New Bio: (7 years on)

Toni Chapman, Trainer and Practitioner of The Balance Procedure….Powerful energy healing tool……..Mindset coach, professional Hypnotherapist. I intergrate all the modalities I have learned including guided meditations and Reiki healing. Into One unique practice which I have named Mindset_balance. People come to me with lots of different challenges, I work with them to find the deep rooted cause, I share tools and techniques along the journey and the Transformation begins. I facilitate the space so my client can make the changes they need to move forward. Together we have energy shifts , lightbulb moments and this all happens over a period of 6 sessions on a one to one basis.

I also teach The balance procedure workshops and train Practitioners too with my accredited courses.

Below is my bio of when my journey began. shortly before I discovered The Balance procedure (TBP), then my life changed. Firstly I regained my energy (suffering chronic fatigue) and was able to do all those exciting things again including running 10km and going up to the top of mount Snowden. I’ve practiced TBP ever since. I use it now to consciously create my days. Living my life on purpose and share with others how to do the same.

Hello there, (wrote in 2015)

Toni is my name, just past 40 is my age. I have decided to write this blog to share my wellness journey with you. I will share what I have learned along my journey. After suffering with meningitis April 2015 my life has changed completely. I have come to terms with this new body of mine and learned how to slow down and heal. I have found meditation a great help this has excelerated my spiritual journey. Before my illness I was jogging regular, most Saturday’s at park run for the local 5 km. I worked hard, played hard and lived life to the full. I meditated occasionally and tried to eat healthy. Now I’m constantly mindful of what I eat, I can’t exercise (yet) and I’m just about able to walk the dog. I’m going to share with you what has helped me keep a positive attitude and stay focused on being well and taking each day one step at a time. Picture Me before my illness completing my first 5km.

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