Forgiveness has been a major part of my journey, it enabled be to clear out hurt and pain that I was holding on to and make space for new to enter my life. Holding on to pain blocks the energy flow in your body, when you begin to forgive you will feel a shift in your energy, a release allowing you to move forward. If you hold on to the pain it will only cause dis-ease in the body. Holding on to it can make you feel heavy and tired, when you do this work and feel that senes of lightness and ease, in turn this gives you a surge of energy to move forward.

How to forgive:

Forgiveness happens with in, forgiveness is a process first start by thinking about who has hurt you, who has caused you pain, there might be circumstances not people, you may want to forgive your self. So you can forgive a person, an event, a broken relationship, a lost dream things not turning out the way you expected them to. Self forgiveness is a great start. 

I found writing a letter to the person, a letter you don’t need to post, I write down what it is they have done to cause me pain or hurt then I thank them for what they did then write how much I forgive them. Just doing this without even sending it is powerful stuff. Then you can find more things in your life to for give and allow it all to poor out, by writing it down it allows you to process and let go. People don’t need to know that you have forgiven them for this to me effective. Also its a good thing to know you don’t have to forget because the key here is the forgiveness part.

If it feels good you can shred the written forgiveness letters of burn them and let them go.

I often revisit forgiveness, I have found this to be a very powerful exercise to do every so often. We can spend so much of our precious energy being mad or angry at situations, events, and people so by visiting this regularly its easier and sometimes you can just whisper it to yourself during meditation or before you go to sleep at night.

Have you done a forgiveness letter or a forgiveness journal. Why not share your experience in the comments, did it help? did it shift your energy? Have you felt the release? What happened for you? Did anything surprise you? Please comment and share this if you have got some value from this and you know someone who might need to see this too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this I appreciate you being here, big love and blessings. Toni x

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WHAT DO I actually DO?……

5 YEARS AGO…..but still the same story today….except I have more experience and have worked though a lot more challenges ……now I’m a full qualified Hypnotherapist and combine all my techniques together to help and empower you into a transformational journey…..feeling passionate about what I do……much love xx