I AM BACK!!!I can’t believe it…! found this blog…….I forgot I had written…….WHY? read on…..

So yesterday I was signing in to (what I thought was)my now website blog and accidentally put in the wrong email address and found this blog.

It’s 7 years old. I wrote it while on my wellness journey. It’s in the very early stages of me me getting back to full wellness from viral meningitis and chronic fatigue.

Part of the illness was memory loss and brain fog. So that’s why I forgot this was here. Incredible really!!!

Looking back at my writing and strength I’m feeling proud and smiling to my self because I was no where near recovered but I believed I was. This shows us the power of our thoughts. I still stick by those things I said back then as if it was in this now moment. I really do practice what I preach.

Looking back at this reminds me of how each and every stage of your life is a significant one. We can connect the dots and see how we got to where we have come to today. Everyday is a learning experience.

This really was life changing experience which lead me to my life purpose where I am now. Empowering others to do what I did and get on a transformational journey. Back then I had lost my business and had to quit my part time degree I really didn’t know what I was going to do. Now I have gained so much more but at that time it didn’t feel that way. I felt lost and unsure of the future.

Finding this blog a re-establishing it again feels good. I’m going to migrate my posts from my later blog and continue with this like a journal and self development in the hope it inspires others to continue to move forward and find the tools to empower them to do so, as I have done myself.

I’m back!!! To full strength, energetically there on all levels still learning how to navigate my way through life but with a set of tools which empowers me to continue on. I have more energy now then ever before and I have really learned the art of self love and acceptance.

I will write some more posts to catch you up, with tools that have significantly helped me in my journey and continue to to in this present moment.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment.

Love, peace, health and happiness!!!TONI xx