About me 

Life is all about accepting who you are, working on your inner self, laughing a lot, trying new things, stepping out of your comfort zone. Appreciating your haves not your have-nots! Making special memories with your loved ones. Make every day special. Focusing on the good not the bad. Life’s too short!! Keep calm and drink tea!!!!!! I love photography, art, nature, food, sunshine, resting, dancing, laughing, and crying. My mission is to promote well-being, how to have a great positive mental attitude, how to change your thoughts which in turn will change your whole life.


Promote love.

Peace, health happiness, share my journey so far, share what I have learned on my way, share with anyone who want to listen to what I have learned how everything is energy and we are all the same energy interconnected. I also want to help people believe in themselves and achieve great things…..I also have so much more to learn and if you have something to teach me please share with my your findings I remain open minded to all possibilities. PEACE, LOVE, HEALTH & Happiness to you all.




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