Self development

How much does a glass of water weigh? Put the glass down!

Seriously this made me think at first I thought my glass is also half full so I must be positive right?

Well we can guess all day how much it weighs? It’s not about how much it weighs but how long you hold it for. If you hold it for a few minutes it’s light and easy. If you continue to hold it for 1 hour it starts to get heavy. If you hold it for a day it can be paralyzing.

This is the same for your thoughts or worries. You can think about it for a minute and acknowledge the thought accept it for what it is and let it go. Or you can let it weigh you down and hold on to it for a whole day, a whole night or a week and it will paralyses you. You choose how long you want to hold it for; you can put the glass down at any moment.

It’s your choice!


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