Life changing illness! My story…positively got through it holistically with meditation and the power of my thoughts.

The past nine months have been incredible not only have I had a life changing illness I have discovered the power of mediation and how you can heal yourself through your thoughts.

My spiritual journey began around 7 years ago but my spiritual journey fast forwarded (became deeper) somewhat after my illnesss in April 2015.

The first book I ever read was the Secret, I couldn’t put the book down. Before reading the book by life had been turned upside down. Me and my family had returned to the Uk with just a few carrier bags of clothes and a matress on the floor in the most disgusting rented accommodation  which I was so grateful for. I was so happy that I discovered the law of attraction. Everything is energy, it all made sense to me. I started to read and read all about the subject. I’m still reading to this day. There is is much to learn.

This is my first ever blog and hopefully I can write something everyday and share with you my experiences  and what has helped me along my journey. I’m not even sure how to write a blog haha…..but here goes. I would be happy for any help and advice you have to give me. This is me below (in the middle) on my 40th birthday……where life begins ……so I thought.

I would also like to share with you my progress and to help others heal their lives too. #healyourself #lifechanging

life begins at 40


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